We at Leane Cilliers Optometriste will guide you to choose the correct lens option and frame for your spesific needs.

The 4 common vision conditions:

Myopia is when a patient has difficulty seeing object at distance. This is also known as short-sightedness.  Squinting to see far away or the inability to read road signs or on a black board are usually indications of myopia.

Hyperopia is when a patient experience difficulty seeing close-up. This conditions is often missed in children as it is difficult to detect during visual screenings.  This is also referred to as farsightedness.  Eyestrain and headaches after near tasks can be an indication of hyperopia.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea/surface of the eye has an irregular shape and due to this a blurred/distorted image is seen by patients. Astigmatism is mostly present together with myopia or hyperopia.

Presbyopia is an age related, progressive deteriation in the near vision of a patient. The vision deteriates due to the hardening of the crystalline lens in patients over the age of 40. This condition can be in conjunction with hyperopia or myopia and astigmatism.

Spectacle lenses are customized to fit your lifestyle and your lens prescription determines what type of lens options you can choose from. Here are the diffrent types of lenses:

Single vision lenses will correct 1 distance of focus – near, intermediate or distance.

Bifocal  lenses will correct 2 distances of focus – The top lens corrects distance vision and the bottom segment corrects near vision.

Accommodative support lenses will support the patients accommodation system during near tasks throughout the day due to additional plus power at the bottom of the lens.   

Office lenses  is a progressive lens design that corrects vision at intermediate  to near without a jump in the prescription.

Multifocal lenses  is a progressive lens design that corrects vision at distance to near without a jump in the prescription. 


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