A variety of generic, designer brand and boutique frames are available to accommodate different fashion, style, lifestyle and functional demands of patients.


  • ZYL (PLASTIC/CELLULOSE ACETATE) is a lightweight and easily coloured and, thus, can be crafted with beautiful, unusual, and creative hues and prints.
    Plastic frames can break more easily than metal styles, plus aging and sun exposure can slightly decrease strength..
  • METAL ALLOYS is a blend of metal materials for example monel, ticral or Beta titanium.  These alloys are often corrosion-resistant and are typically malleable yet  strong.
  • Metal is a robust material but a drawback of this material is that some people may have a skin allergy towards the material.  Metal is also not rust resilient.
  • Titanium material is a durable and a great choice as frame material due to light weight and corrosion-resistant properties of the material.
  • Stainless steel material frames are reasonable priced and therefor a substitute to titanium.