About Us

Leané Cilliers obtained her degree in Optometry from RAU ( today known as University of Johannesburg) in 1996.  After practising for 5 years in a Cape Town, Leané established  Leané Cilliers Optometriste in 2001 in Jeffreys Bay, welcoming  the changes and experiences offered by living in a small town. 

Eye care is part of every person’s primary health care services and all people should have access to vision care.  Leané started vision screenings at local schools in 2002 and in 2014 she was instrumental in connecting optometrists from Jeffreys Bay to become involved  as a team, in school screenings for our community.

Leané Cilliers has a passion for clinical optometry and to further her knowledge, Leané completed post graduate studies to improve her understanding in paediatric and binocular vision as well as diabetes related eye problems.

Leané sees a challenge as an opportunity and enjoy  to search for solutions for more complicated visual cases.  One of the important lessons learned over the years is that the optometrist needs to understand that each patient has different visual needs for different visual tasks, and no 2 patients are the same.

No optometry practice can function effectively without frontline staff.  Nolene and Tanya is the friendly  ladies at Leané Cilliers Optometriste to assist you with any frontline queries .  Nolene and Tanya completed a course as optical assistants through the Graduate Institute of Optometry to improve their knowledge of optometry.  This has helped them to have a better understanding of optometry related issues to provide more efficient service to you.